Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Grant from the American Humanist Association

By Jim Sullivan

Some time ago our now past president Susan Bergert applied for a grant from the American Humanist Association to allow us to purchase audio visual equipment and some other items.  The request was for $1,850.00.  We were awarded a $1,000.00 grant.

With this grant plus a little from our treasury we have purchased and received the following audio visual equipment.

An Epson Powerlite Presenter Portable Projector/DVD Player Combo (V11H335120)
Photo courtesy of Epson

A Gigant Multi-Purpose Projection Stand
Photo courtesy of

An 84 inch Picture King 50 X 67 Matte White 4:3 Video Tripod Screen
Photo courtesy of

With this equipment we will be able to play DVD’s, project computer images, and/or make powerpoint presentations at our meetings.

We are very thankful to the American Humanist Association of which we are one chapter for this generous grant and look forward to using this equipment.

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