Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Upcoming Meeting Reminder

Dear Friends,

We have another meeting coming up real soon! This Wednesday, November 19th , Tara Lee is our speaker. She’s been coming to our meetings this year, and so you may have met her already. Tara is a male to female transsexual activist and has been totally ” Out ” since 2000. During these years she has given lectures, workshops, written articles, organized events and worked with great passion for the cause of Transgender/Transsexual civil equality.

Tara, even when she was Douglas, has been a passionate activist since her teens. She has been involved in Civil Rights, Peace, Women’s, No Nukes, LGBT, Boycott Grapes and other movements concerning social justice. Her first activist action was in 1964 with the Bobby Kennedy Senate campaign in New York.

Tara is a person who has seen history in the making, and been a part of it. In her own way she’s been making history for the last 50 years. Don’t miss what promises to be a very enlightening and informative talk. I had coffee with her least week, and I found her to be wonderfully positive, funny and insightful. The time just flew by, as I think it will for you, too, this Wednesday at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on NW 34th street, 7pm.

Folks, this is our regular meeting night coming up. For those of you who were at last week’s meeting, you will have noted that the Nominating Committee’s proposed slate of officers and board members was announced. They were: President: Al Tweedy; Vice President: Greg Mullaley; Secretary: Jim Sullivan; Treasurer: Jim Nail; At-Large Board members:  Pierce Butler, Kathleen Stipek, Annie Thomas and John Townsend. Members of HSG were, and are invited to name anyone that was willing to serve in addition to the above named. This Wednesday we (members) will be voting.  The new Board will take office in January. Be there to wish them well! Coffee will be provided, don’t hesitate to bring something yummy like you did last week. This is a good time to say how much I appreciate you! Yes, you! You all have been turning out in record numbers for the last several months and it makes a difference. We’ve been dragging out every chair in the closet! There’s a real buzz when the room is full, and I’m sure you’ve noticed. Let’s keep it that way.

See you soon!

Ginger Andrews

Humanist Society of Gainesville

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