The following are quotes by various paranoid and hysterical Religious Right characters who see pages of unparalleled evil in the
 Harry Potter series.

From Church & State Magazine, by Americans United for Separation of  Church and State

Wizard-in-training Harry Potter, the fictional star of a series of phenomenally popular children’s books (by author J.K. Rowling), has fended off evil warlocks, giant snakes and a three-headed dog, but he may have just gained his most powerful enemy yet – the Religious Right.

   Lindy Beam, a "youth culture analyst" for Focus on the Family worried in her "What Shall We Do With Harry?" piece about "desensitization to witchcraft" and the fact that Rowling "does not write from the basis of Judeo-Christian ethics."

   Robert McGee, associate pastor for discipleship at First Baptist Church in Merritt Island, FL wrote an opinion column in the Baptist Press on Nov. 2 saying, "God has declared the very practices presented in Harry Potter an abomination (see Deuteronomy 18).  When individuals use the power of witchcraft, they are using demonic power and opening themselves to demons.  Unfortunately many Christians appear to believe that God’s warnings about witchcraft are worthless, as they have concluded that witchcraft is just a bad use of imagination and nothing else."
   McGee continued, "This is a crucial victory for Satan and has put our children in great danger."
   McGee has created an anti-Potter website, www.therealpotter.com
   McGee even appears in an anti-Potter video titled "Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged – Making Evil Look Innocent"

   Jennifer L. Zebel, director of children’s ministries at Applewood Baptist Chrurch in Wheat Ridge, CO took her turn in the Baptist Press to write, "I cannot believe that any secular book, character or movie advocating witchcraft of any kind could be this wildly successful without Satan having an agenda for it."
   Zebel continued, "The bottom line is that we know the right choice is to steer clear of these books and movies, but we don’t want to make the sacrifice.  Satan is a wonderful writer and movie producer.  I grieve for the misguided effort of such a talented writer as J.K. Rowling.  She may have no idea that her imaginative, creative mind is being used as a tool by Satan to casually draw an entire generation of Americans toward the seductive side of witchcraft."

   Richard Abanes, hawking his book Harry Potter and the Bible: The Menace Behind the Magic said, "The books present astrology, numerology, mediumship, crystal gazing.  Kids are enthralled with it, and kids like to copy."

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From "Harry Potter: Seduction of the Occult" By Martha Kleder, November/December 2001 issue of Family Voice

   Rev. [Robert] McGee points out that the Potter craze has a particular danger.
“With Harry Potter children are for the first time seeing other children, step by step, learning to access demonic power to get what they want.”
   “I counseled many with backgrounds in witchcraft and the occult,” said McGee. “Breaking an addiction to drugs or alcohol is easier than leaving demonic spiritual forces behind. Several of my patients confirmed that many of today’s witches, pagans and other occult practitioners continue the practices of the ancients including drug use and ritual sex.”

   Marcia Montenegro, occult expert and founder of the ministry Christian Answers for the New Age, disputes claims that the books center on the theme of good versus evil.
   “There is no moral center in Harry Potter,” said Montenegro. “Good and evil are depicted as being two sides of the same coin, which is an occult worldview.
   “Why is Harry considered good? He breaks the rules, gets away with it, and is even rewarded for it. As one of Harry’s professors says in book three, ‘Harry is a law unto himself.’ From a Christian perspective, this cannot be.”
   A former astrology professional and occult practitioner, Montenegro now serves as a missionary with Fellowship International Mission of Allentown, Pennsylvania. She is also working on her master’s degree in apologetics.
   “The occult … is very attractive to kids who are seeking power, affirmation and acceptance, especially those from dysfunctional homes,” Montenegro added. “Harry Potter—targeted at children in the critical ages of 9 through 13—feeds that thirst with practices prohibited by the Bible. I can’t understand why Christian parents wouldn’t be concerned about it.”

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From Reuters, December 27, 2001

ALAMOGORDO, New Mexico (Reuters) – A New Mexico church plans to burn Harry Potter books because they are "an abomination to God," the church pastor said on Wednesday.

Pastor Jack Brock said he would have a "holy bonfire" on Sunday at the Christ Community Church in Alamogordo in southern New Mexico to torch books about the fictional teen-age wizard who is wildly popular with young people.

"These books encourage our youth to learn more about witches, warlocks, and sorcerers, and those things are an abomination to God and to me," Brock, 74, told Reuters.

"Harry Potter books are going to destroy the lives of many young people."

The books, written by British author J.K. Rowling, have been runaway bestsellers and a movie, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone," is currently a blockbuster hit.

Brock, whose said his Christmas Eve sermon was titled "The Baby Jesus or Harry Potter?," described the book burning as part of an effort to encourage Christians to remove everything from their homes that prevents them from communicating with God.

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From Associated Press, 1/01/02

ALAMOGORDO, New Mexico (AP) — As hundreds protested nearby, a New Mexico church group burned Harry Potter and other books.

Jack Brock, the Christ Community Church founder and pastor, said the books burned Sunday were "a masterpiece of satanic deception."

"These books teach children how they can get into witchcraft and become a witch, wizard or warlock," Brock said. Members sang "Amazing Grace" as they threw Potter books, plus some other books and magazines, into the fire.

Across the street, protesters chanting "Stop burning books" stretched in a line a quarter of a mile long.

"It may be useless but we want (the church) to know the community is not behind them," said Joann Booth, who protested with her four grandchildren. One protester dressed up as Adolf Hitler.

Brock told the congregation that he viewed the attention the church received as a blessing.

"There are those that are doing their best to make us look bad." Brock said. "But because of this, I’ve been able to preach the gospel around the world."

A letter to the Alamogordo Daily News inviting the community to attend the fire sparked debate in the town of 36,000. On Tuesday, protesters held signs reading "Book burning? Shame on our town" in front of the public library. Inside was a display highlighting the books.

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Thursday January 24 8:17 AM ET

‘Harry Potter’ Prompts Police Boycott

PENRYN, Pa. (AP) – The police department has refused to direct traffic at a YMCA triathlon because it says the club promotes witchcraft by reading Harry Potter books to children.

Penryn Fire Police Capt. Robert Fichthorn said the eight-member force voted unanimously to boycott the 20th running of the triathlon, scheduled for Sept. 7.

“I don’t feel right taking our children’s minds and teaching them (witchcraft),” Fichthorn said. “As long as we don’t stand up, it won’t stop. It’s unfortunate that this is the way it has to be.”

The Lancaster Family YMCA began reading chapters of the Harry Potter books to children enrolled in an after-school program in November.

In a letter to the township and the YMCA, Fichthorn challenged the religious integrity of the YMCA, and questioned whether it was “serving the will of God” in using the books.

The wildly popular children’s books by J.K. Rowling chronicle the fictional adventures of the young Harry Potter as he attends a boarding school for wizards and battles his nemesis, the evil sorcerer Voldemort.

The YMCA’s executive director, Michael Carr, said he was disappointed by the department’s decision, but doesn’t expect it to stop about 600 triathletes from participating in the race.

Township Supervisor Ronald Krause said the YMCA may have to hire police from another community to direct traffic for the race.

The course includes a one-mile swim, a 25-mile bicycle route and a 6.2-mile run. About 200 volunteers are needed to run the event, which passes through Penryn, a small community about 66 miles west of Philadelphia.

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