All it takes is an email to get you in touch with like minded friends. General monthly meetings are open to the public. However, we encourage everyone to become a voting member in order to enjoy access to all activities and events, give voice to your beliefs and help determine the future direction of the organization. Click here to become a voting member.

Our ability to serve the community depends upon people like you who donate time and energy to worthwhile HSG activities. And, there is plenty to do. From planning social activities to recruiting speakers and planning events, your help is really needed. Of course, monetary contributions are also critical to our success. If you would like to make a tax-deductible monetary donation please contact our president, [email protected].

Contact Us
We would like to hear from you! Your email can help us better meet your needs and help us improve our service to the community.  [email protected]
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Humanist Society of Gainesville

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