Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Community Service Opportunity: Blood Drive

One of the goals of the Humanist Society of Gainesville is to “foster a positive image in the community by participating and/or sponsoring public service events and other outreach activities.”  Two major service projects that we have engaged in as a group are our Adopt-A-Highway program and our on-going food drive in support of the Food4Kids Backpack Program. 

In spite of the success that we have had with both of these programs, as Humanists, we think that we can help our community even more.  Our next proposed project is to host a community blood drive.  Gainesville is home to two major hospitals, Shands and the North Florida Regional Medical Center, both of which provide care to patients potentially in need of blood transfusions. 

Teka – 18 year old woman with sickle cell anemia

A recent article in the Gainesville Sun discussed the decrease in blood donations for the city each summer, as students from the University of Florida head home between semesters.  Blood donors are needed year round, and now is the prime time to help meet the needs of our community members.

Hailey – 4 year old leukemia patient

We’re looking for individuals interested in serving on our Blood Drive Committee.  Do you have a passion for helping others in your community?  Would you like to help plan, organize, promote, and execute a blood drive this summer?  Contact us at [email protected] if you would like to be involved in this worthwhile project. 

Stay tuned for updates including the date, time, and location of our upcoming blood drive!

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