Friday, April 21, 2017

April 22 March for Science!

How are you celebrating science this weekend?  How do you think we should celebrate?

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  1. A suggested topic for your humanist group or email blast

    Maybe you could write up a little history blurb with links and lovely pictures.

    Instead of celebrating fake magic myths in April

    Commemorate April 25th as the day of the Epiphany of the DNA Helix that finally offered a rational explanation for all life and its abundant variety. And was also the day of the completion of the human genome project that has revolutionized understanding of health and disease, and helped discredit the widespread practice of explaining human health with evil spirits and supernatural causes.

    People could celebrate what their DNA has meant to them. Children in schools could learn about DNA and science with cutesy little projects making double helix out of construction paper instead of making baskets for jelly beans (or could make helix and have jelly A-G-C-T beans!)

    Adults could lead an annual solemn festive family meal in which their family DNA was discussed, highlighting their long known and unknown family history and honoring the role of their ancestors whose world travels and survival to reproductive age brought each of use to this moment. With a glass (or sip) of wine to toast each of the four nucleic acids that make up our family DNA (If your DNA supports it).