Annual Pool Party

Image result for pool party imagesOur Annual Pool Party is coming up very soon, in fact, this Saturday the 24th! Every year in June, instead of our monthly Humanist meeting at the UUFG, we have enjoyed the hospitality of the Thomas family for a party. Annie, Lex and their daughter Isabelle  The party starts at 4 pm; Annie is providing BBQ pork sandwiches and some light beverages. Please bring your favorite dish to share, and any beverage that you prefer.  You will feel right at home with your fellow Humanists, and you can count on some great conversations. The food’s pretty great too! We’re looking forward to seeing you poolside this Saturday.. To RSVP please click our Facebook Page, and we’ll know to expect you.  

Trash Pickup

Image result for Trash pick up imagesJuly 2nd is our Quarterly Humanist Trash pickup. We meet on 39th Avenue in the Starbuck’s parking lot at 9 am. Sturdy bags and reflective vests are provided; you may bring any gloves, shady hats, and pick-up sticks that you’ll want to have handy. It’s hot and humid, so cold water will be provided.  The Trash Pick-ups are a great opportunity to do a good deed and have a good time to boot. We haven’t found any boots yet, but have found some rather odd items. All of it makes for good memories. Please come and be a part of them.

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