Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Message From Ginger

Dear Friends,

Dr. Fletcher Baldwin’s talk on Wednesday about legal precedents and their consequences was VERY INTERESTING! While many of us were confounded and offended by the means that our government uses to prance about on our civil rights, Professor Baldwin’s wit and his belief in the Rule of Law held the day.  We thank him for giving his time so generously, and for binging his wife Nancy. Together they make an amazing legal team and we’re so fortunate to enjoy the fruits of their commitment to our community. Oh, and thank you to those of you who asked such thoughtful and piercing questions! It gave our speaker a chance to know his audience; I, for one, noticed how passionate he became about some of the answers! Good job, people!

What?!?  $130 dollars for the Food4Kids program were collected at the meeting? Well, well, well that’s quite a success. I never doubted that our members and guests were the gems of the earth.  That’s certainly by far the largest single donation we’ve made to this worthy charity. My challenge worked but, uh, what shall I ask for next? I think I’d better give you guys a break.  Of course, you can always update your membership or join as a member; WE need the $$, too!

SUGAR, SPICE, AND EVERYTHING NICE would encapsulate the feeling and the theme at Ann and Bob Brown’s party Saturday night. What a welcome! Log cabins are so charming, and this warmly lighted and decorated home was made for socializing. Lots of great conversations were had in the many interesting spaces both inside and out. The food was amazing and I can see that there is a down-side to socializing with good cooks. I left the party quite happy, but shaped like a pumpkin. I met some interesting new people last night! Jessica, Dan, Virginia, Dave and Mary Beth. I hope we’ll be seeing them all at (all) future events. I also enjoyed the opportunity to socialize with Marilyn, Jo and Rick for the first time at a party instead of just meetings. Yeah, we’re all pretty awesome. Thank you Bob, and Ann for such a generous display of hospitality and bonhomie. It was a perfect kick-off to a new season with the HSG.

There’s a lot of big stuff coming up for us very soon.  Rather than subject you to a super-long letter and the inherent soporific effect, I will close now and compose another letter getting you guys excited about the events of November and December. Actually, we’re booking programs well into 2015, so don’t expect to get bored.

Wishing you all well,
Ginger Andrews