Sunday, March 31, 2013

HSG Picnic

The April meeting of the Humanist Society of Gainesville will be a picnic Sunday, April 7, at Boulware Springs Park on Southeast 15th Street on the right(going south) between 32 and 35 Place.  It will begin shortly before noon so as to assure us a place ahead of any church group.  Please bring a dish to share with the group.  RSVP is not required but our vice-president Ginger Andrews will be doing limited coordination of what is needed foodwise.  HSG will be providing tea, lemonade, ice, flatware, and plates. 

This location provides easy access to the Hawthorne Trail and Paynes Prairie so, if you are so inclined, bring sunscreen, binoculars, bicycles, hiking boots, or running shoes if you want to venture out after the picnic.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Jim Sullivan, President
Humanist Society of Gainesville

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Upcoming Meeting Reminder

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, March 20th at 7:00 pm at our usual meeting
place, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 4225 N.W. 34th Street.  Our program
is “What Does Physics Say About the Existence of God?” with the subtitle “Why Most
Physicists are Atheists”.

The program will be presented by Rob Agnese, a member and Director of
Humanist Society of Gainesville.  Rob is pursuing a PhD in physics at the
University of Florida.  He will discuss our current understanding of the 
universe as it pertains to the existence of the supernatural, focusing 
specifically on a Judeo-Christian concept of God. Specifically, he will 
address what science is able to tell us- now and ever, what quantum 
physics does and does not say about the subatomic world, and the sheer 
vastness of the universe and our place in it. He will also respond to 
some of the pseudo-scientific arguments made by the religious to support 
the existence of a powerful creator (the so called “fine-tuning” of the 
universal physical constants for our existence, the second law of 
thermodynamics refuting evolution on Earth, etc.)  There will be
plenty of time for discussion and member input.

As usual we will be accepting donations (non-perishable food, cash, or 
checks) for the Food4Kids Backpack program, a local charity that we support.

If you haven’t already either joined or renewed your membership for 2013 there
will be membership applications available at the meeting. Hope to see you there.

Jim Sullivan, President
Humanist Society of Gainesville