Thursday, August 10, 2017

August Subject: Richard Dawkins

“The recent cancellation of a book event with Richard Dawkins by the radio station KPFA has caused reverberations around the world. KPFA cited offensive remarks Dawkins has made about Islam. Dawkins and his followers have claimed these were taken out of context and that he’s been equally critical of Christianity. What this controversy misses, however, is the far greater destructive force of other ideas Dawkins has promulgated over decades, which have helped form the foundation of a mainstream worldview that endorses gaping wealth inequalities and encourages the wanton destruction of the natural world.” 

Image result for Image of Richard DawkinsThe dangerous delusions of Richard Dawkins

“His rationalist crusade creates a false impression that the only alternative to religion is reductionist science”

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Many of you have read his books and listened to his talks.  Now is your turn to chime in with your opinions.  How is he right and how is he wrong?  He is responding to the 1976 book ‘The Selfish Gene’ which Mr. Dawkins authored. Do you think it is fair to criticize a book published more than 30 years ago, today? Do you agree with Jeremy Lent in his assessment of Richard Dawkins?  

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August Meeting Announcement

Humanistic Judaism – Judaism Beyond God

You’re invited to attend our monthly meeting on Wednesday August 16 starting at 6:30 pm. We meet at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall located at 4225 NW 34th St. in Gainesville. Refreshments and socializing are from 6:30 to 7:00 pm, and our program begins at 7:00. Thanks for bringing a snack or something to share, and the Food4Kids backpack program is accepting your generous donations.

At this month’s meeting, Rick Gold, a board member of the Society for Humanistic Judaism, will make a presentation and discussion on Humanistic Judaism. The Humanistic Judaism (HJ) movement, started by Rabbi Sherwin Wine in 1963, combines attachment to Jewish identity and culture with a human-centered approach to life. HJ affirms that human beings are independent of supernatural authority and responsible for themselves. Humanistic Jews seek solutions to conflicts that respect the freedom, dignity, and self-esteem of every human being. They are committed to community service and actions for social justice. You can contact Rick at 571-337-8018 or [email protected].

We’re excited to bring you this interesting program. It’s been awhile since we met at the UUFG, and it will be nice to see you there! Al Tweedy sent me a message that I’m going to share with you. This is an opportunity to gather with peace activists in the community in September. If you are interested, please read below:

“UN International Day of Peace”, Sunday, September 17th. Organizations could use more marchers with Vets for Peace from YMCA 10:15 am to UUFG.  Distance of March is not quite 1/2 mile.  UN Reps are providing over 30 flags to be carried by the marchers, and/or provide refreshments for the marchers, on the front lawn of UUFG, as they arrive. Please contact Carol Curtis at 363-6681.

As always, We appreciate and encourage your participation and feedback. Your continued enthusiasm is deeply appreciated!