Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New Atheists & Neocon Bigots

A comedian and a neuroscientist discuss the uniquely threatening threat that is Islam."Bissonnette’s actions and personal “likes” highlight the weird entanglement of atheists, Christian neoconservatives and theocrats, and far-Right white nationalists, which is something reasonable atheists should reflect on very seriously."


Have we changed our attitudes during the past five years?
Personally, I know that I have - but only in the sense that I might have been able to disconnect the actions of religious leaders from their followers.  I like to call it religious profiling. 

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Remember the saying:  Tell me who your friends and I know who you are. 

Times have changed, for many.  We see Muslim immigrants trying to escape the clutches of religious warfare and wonder, why they are not escaping their religions.  It's not an easy answer as culture and religion are deeply intertwined.  

So, here I ask our readers:  How have you reconciled yourself in this very fast changing world with the victims of harmful ideologies?  Have you ever considered that he effects of Trauma Bonding could play a role here?


  1. “Dehumanization doesn’t only occur in wartime. It’s happening right here, right now. And every day, good people who don’t see themselves as being prejudiced bigots are nevertheless falling prey to it.”
    — Thousands of years ago, humans would have felt a pang of anxiety when they saw the silhouette of a foreign tribe marching over a hill. We still have that anxiety inside of us today.
    — "Americans rate other Americans as being highly evolved, with an average score in the 90s. But disturbingly, many also rated Muslims, Mexican immigrants, and Arabs as less evolved."
    — "The more Muslims felt dehumanized by Trump, the more they dehumanized Trump. The more they felt dehumanized, the less likely they were to say they’d report suspicious activities in their communities." http://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2017/3/7/14456154/dehumanization-psychology-explained

    1. So right you are! I think we can overcome this by traveling. Unfortunately, the US is surrounded by oceans, Canada and Mexico, making overseas travel very expensive and out of reach for the average American. Often, when Americans do travel abroad, they resent other cultures and customs and complain that they can't get American style food or accommodations. Our culture is utterly narrow minded as a result of our boundaries. Europeans, for centuries, see it a right of passage to hitch hike across their continent to deeply experience other cultures. Not so much for Americans. ~ Brigitta